Recruitment & Training

Recruitment & training

The project will recruitment new staff for every level of your operation. Or train your existing staff to work effectively & efficiently, to increase your sales.

Recruitment-Finding new staff is a long and time consuming process.The project will take care of everything. The project will work with a number of recruitment services to ensure we can supply good staff that will grown with your business. This service includes creating adverts and management of short listing, scheduling interviews, interviews, reports through to induction training of new staff. This service is for all areas, kitchen staff, wait staff, bar, sales, management, HR and administration roles. This normally takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete from advert to new staff member on site ready to start.  

Training-Your current staff can be your best resource, being able to mentor and teach them new skills, can help your business grow. Training can be delivered in large groups, workshops or one to one, all bespoke to each new client. The project can deliver highly organised training and create standardised training records for all staff.   
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